Accessorise your racking

What do carpets, car bodyshells and skis all have in common? Answer; they are all being stored in Redirack pallet racking without using pallets. How is this possible, I hear you gasp? Well, its due to an extensive range of accessories that can turn our pallet racking into a wonderfully versatile storage medium for a whole range of products.

Choose from drop over panels, coil cradles, safety bars, fork clearance bars and wooden decking and you will be able to store almost anything within a Redirack pallet racking system.

Accessorise Your Racking 2

The purpose of this column is to explain which accessories we offer and indicate how they are or might be used.
Simplistically accessories fall into two categories; those which have a structural function and those that expand the storage capability of the system.

Dealing with the structural accessories first we have:

Rack Stabiliser, this is a structural member used to join two racking bays together, back-to-back. It allows the rack run to be up to ten times higher than its width.
Run Spacer, this maintains a regular distance between freestanding runs of racking, they can be fitted at any level.
Column Protector, does as it says; located in front of and around vulnerable uprights to protect them against accidental damage from fork lift trucks.
Sacrificial leg, an easy to replace section in the front leg of the upright. In the event of damage it can be replaced in less than 30 minutes at a fraction of the cost of replacing the upright.
Accessories that enhance the racks storage capabilities include:

Drop-over Panels; Steel shelf panels that drop over the front and rear beams to provide a flat storage area for non-palletised items. Galvanised finish for extra durability.
Coil Cradle; inverted angled sections that extend across a pair of beams to provide support for coils, drums or any cylindrical items.
Safety Bars; additional support elements for use in systems that may be loaded with odd-sized items or non-standard pallets.
Fork Clearance Bars; used with unpalletised loads, they are placed across the beams to provide space for the insertion of lift truck forks.
Post Pallet Channel; For use with post pallets and skids. They fit across the beams front to rear, recessed channels provide positive location for the post pallet legs.
Timber Decking; a popular option in the paper industry and a less costly option than drop over panels for large systems. Can sit on or between the beams but in the later case requires a modified beam.
Melamine Facing Boards; these give an installation a very neat appearance being applied to the front of the foremost uprights.
Illustrating this article are some of the more creative solutions that we have produced for clients in a diverse range of industries. In Rack It 11 we featured a car body warehouse that uses pallet spacer bars to support bare bodyshells within a narrow aisle racking system that rises to eleven metres. Rack It 10 featured the paper real warehouse shown above. Specially adapted uprights and beams enable 1600 rolls of paper a metre wide to be stored in a racking system that offers 100% selectivity. Rack it 12 featured a carpet warehouse utilising two runs of timber decked racking five metres deep. This enabled the thousands of rolls of carpet being stored to be supported over their whole length. Also in this issue is the distribution centre handling skis. Specially adapted bays within the wide aisle racking system feature supports that enable skis to be stored vertically. This warehouse also has the racking timber decked at the first beam level for greater flexibility when storing non-palletised items.

In conclusion, adjustable pallet racking is a highly flexible storage system. Although it is called “pallet racking” the use of a pallet is not obligatory, in fact some of our most successful schemes operate without a pallet in sight!

Accessorise Your Racking