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ASDA has added another distribution centre to its national distribution network. Situated in Washington, the new RDC serves 20 stores in the North East of England. Every week the centre will receive and ship around 700, 000 cases of product.

ASDA Distribution Centre use Redirack's Wide Aisle Pallet Racks   Redirack Wide Aisle Pallet Racks offer ASDA National Distribution Warehouse Storage Solution

Redirack was the chosen supplier for the racking systems used throughout the centre. The racking systems are all configured around wide aisles, utilise a 2650mm clear entry beam and store two pallets across each bay. Loads can be up to 1, 600mm high and weigh up to 1250kgs. The racking rises to 9.6 metres at its highest point, enough space for 5 beam levels.

Supermarket Warehouse Racking

Alan Austerfield, Project Manager, was very pleased with the service they received “This installation had to be done to a tight schedule, and their installation team performed very well. In fact they always do, they have very good teams.”

Redirack Wide Aisle Pallet Racks Manufactured in the UK   Redirack Pallet Racking Storage for ASDA'S National Warehouse