Montgomeryshire Wa-ter Result!

Hidden amongst the hills of Churchstoke near Wales lies The Montgomeryshire Natural Spring Water Company. This pure ‘bottled at source’ water business was bought by Harry Tuffin Ltd in 1993, and now supplies a host of multiple retailers, theme parks and national supermarket chains. The company produces its own brands, Celtric Spring and Pentre-Nant and many own label brands for its customers.

Montgomeryshire Spring Water utilise Redirack Drive-In Pallet Racks     Redirack offer Drive-In Pallet Racking solutions for Springwater Company

Montgomeryshire, with its ancient, volcanic rock formations, provides an ideal area for producing bottled water. The result is a pure and natural product, which has enabled the company to make an excellent name for itself in the industry.

The Montgomeryshire Natural Spring Water Company has expanded consistently over the years. Its distribution centre, originally equipped with a block of Redirack racking, storing 600 pallets, has worked successfully since being installed.

Further racking was required to accommodate the company’s expansion and again Redirack was chosen. An additional 2500 pallet positions of drive-in racking were added. The new system has six blocks of drive-in in total, ranging from two to eight pallets deep. The largest block has 20 lanes, and the three central blocks can be loaded from both sides.

To take maximum advantage of the building’s clear height the blocks of racking vary in height. At its highest point the system can store five pallets high, with the central block of racking alone being able to store 600 pallets. The system is equipped with our unique sacrificial leg, enabling quick and easy replacement of damaged frames.

Paul Delves, Managing Director of The Montgomeryshire Natural Spring Water Company, was keen to praise Redirack: “Not only has this latest racking installation increased our storage facility, we no longer require outside storage. What’s more, our customers can now order product from stock rather than production, which has significantly improved customer satisfaction. Thanks to Redirack we have been able to develop a highly efficient storage and distribution facility which suits our business very well and makes the most of the available space.”

Redirack Drive-In Pallet Racks allow users to maximise the available height in your Warehouse     Redirack Drive-In Racks manufactured in the UK for Montgomeryshire Water Company