Big Deal – Salton Europe

An installation at a new distribution centre for American-owned Salton Europe is one of Redirack’s biggest installations of the year. Salton Europe, a leading marketer and distributor of well-known brands such as Russell Hobbs, George Foreman Grills and Carmen, had us supply a narrow-aisle racking system for its new distribution centre in Wombourne, Wolverhampton.

Phil Reuben, Operations Director for Salton Europe explains: “To maximise efficiency at the new distribution centre, we needed to invest in a system that would make the most of the available space.” Utilising the expertise of Buckinghamshire-based Bisham Consulting, and the architects for the new centre Bower-Mattin of Macclesfield, a narrow aisle storage system was configured. Eventually the order was placed by Ashford Construction, Management Contractor for the project.

The scale of the new centre is impressive. Sixty-eight runs of racking, each fifty-five metres long, run front to back within the building, and they rise to over fourteen metres in places. The net result is a racking system capable of storing over twenty eight thousand pallets.

The racking scheme is designed around a 1000mm by 1200mm pallet that is stored within the rack twelve hundred deep. The maximum load height including the pallet is just over fifteen hundred millimetres and the pallets can weigh up to 333kg. Narrow aisles, only 1800mm wide, give special narrow aisle forklift trucks access to the system.

Narrow Aisle Bespoke Racks

Innovative features within the scheme include the Redirack sacrificial leg, which is fitted to every frame, and cantilever Pick-up and Deposit (P&D) stations. The sacrificial leg will enable Salton to rectify the inevitable rack damage as it happens and with minimal disruption. The P&Ds give the company three positions, one on the floor, two elevated, at the end of each rack run to store pallets extracted from, or waiting to enter the system. Finally the racking is fitted with supports at three levels for in-rack sprinklers.

Finished throughout in our high visibility orange the completed racking system stores completed goods prior to distribution to big name retailers such as Argos, Tesco and Marks & Spencer.

Phil Reuben summarises: “Our business needs a highly efficient distribution centre. What we have here is the result of the cumulative knowledge of our consultants, architects and Redirack. Throughout the development of the site we have been very pleased with the input from Redirack. They have provided us with a first class system and their product is excellent. The sacrificial leg and the cantilever P&Ds will show us real operational benefits in the long-term, and I have no hesitation in confirming the wisdom of our decision to use their product.”