Advanta Seeds - Using Industrial Racking for Specialised Seeds

Advanta Seeds UK Ltd., was formed following the merger of the Dutch seed company Royal Van der Have Group (NL) and Zeneca Seeds Ltd. Supplying all sorts of custom-bred seeds to many different markets: from cereal crops like wheat and maize, through sugar beet and peas, to an enormous range of specialised grass seed, Advanta found itself a ‘victim’ of its own success. Specifically its business grew beyond the capacity of its central processing warehouse, at Sleaford. At the time, Advanta was block stacking pallets and increased storage efficiency was obviously a high priority.

Their existing warehouse building offered three thousand square metres of storage space. 

Advanta seeds pallet racking
Advanta Seeds pallet racking

As Alvin Cubitt, Advanta’s warehouse manager explains “We needed to achieve four objectives when we developed our warehouse: increase the number of pallets we can store, maximise our space utilisation, improve efficiency and enable access to 100% of our pallets at all times.” Achieving all these things would also enable Advanta to dispense with the hire of external warehouse space.


“This development has achieved all our objectives. We are now able to store more product while being more efficient in our handling. For their part Redirack were excellent. They ensured that we got the storage system that best suited our needs and the installation went very smoothly with our industrial racking.”

Alvin Cubitt - Advanta Warehouse Manager

Advanta Seeds
Advanta Seeds pallet racking

Redirack was chosen to equip the central processing warehouse. Within the existing building a wide aisle storage system was installed. As the building has a pitched roof, the racking block varies in height, rising to a maximum of eight metres. The racking is configured to store two sizes of pallet; 1200 x 1525mm and 1200 x 1000mm and as loads can be either 1000 or 2000mm high the racking is zoned with different areas having different beam levels. 

At its highest point the racking has six beam levels. Within each 3.8 metre wide bay two of the larger or three of the smaller pallets can be stored at each beam level. Both types of pallet are stored 1200mm deep. In total the racking provides storage positions for around three thousand pallets.

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