Distilleries Racking

cask and barrel racking

There is an increasing demand in distilleries racking from the wine & spirits industry, for racked warehouse space as many distilleries find this a much more cost-effective method than a traditional dunnage warehouse.

Generally built to a modern construction racked warehouses have a similar average temperature to dunnage but relatively lower humidity due to concrete floors. When storing spirits of any kind in casks or barrels a traditional dunnage warehouse consists of a dirt floor, thick stone walls and a deep tiled roof, which due to the thickness of the walls and ceiling plus the type of floor tends to have a fairly constant humidity. A dunnage, however, proves to be very labour intensive as there is a lack of access from mechanical equipment and machinery to the casks or barrels.

RediRack offer a complete pallet racking service from initial site survey through to installation and yearly racking inspections & maintenance. 

How Does Cask & Barrel Racking Work?

RediRack have developed the expertise to design a warehouse cask racking solution that meets the very specific design criteria of any distillery. We take into account the type of handling equipment to be used, we offer the opportunity of including walk-ways for access in order to take samples and are also very aware of the very strict measures required in terms of how individual casks are supported due to ‘Angels Share’.

RediRack’s SD4000 Series Heavy Duty Cask & Barrel Pallet Racking is a very robust system that is supplied as a bespoke structure that it is carefully designed and configured to meet the operational requirements of each individual facility. Typically, walkways and staircases are incorporated to allow access to individual barrels in the system for on-going checking of the maturation process ensuring the available area can be maximised to full capacity.

barrel racking

Why You Should Choose RediRack for Cask and Barrel Racking?


Our design team ensures your warehouse storage is tailored to maximise the available floor area as well as the height of your building – whilst maintaining ease for use for staff to load and unload stock.

Health & Safety

With workers dealing with heavy casks and barrels, it’s critical to have a setup where the risks of accidents, as well as damage to valued stocks of spirits, is minimised.

Industry experience

We have many years of experience in providing barrel racking systems and storage solutions to the food and drinks industry.

SEMA Full member, SARI (SEMA Approved Racking Inspectors), SEIRS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme)

RediRack are full members of SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association), with our installation and inspection teams fully SARI (SEMA Approved Rack Inspector), and SEIRS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme) registered.

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