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In 2017 the UK’s Furniture market reached £11.83 billion, employing in excess of 120,000 people. The industry is spilt into three traditional sectors: domestic, contract and office. Many furniture companies serve more than one market making the industry highly profitable and vast.

Redirack have designed bespoke Pallet Racking solutions for the furniture industry for many years, whilst minimising disruption to what is a very busy and fast paced working environment. The bespoke nature of our racking means we can structure the layout of your warehouse considering any individual product dimensions whilst maximising access requirements.

Our Furniture Racking Industry Racking is built to the highest industry standard; manufactured in accordance with the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Code of Practice for the Design of Adjustable Pallet Racking.

Redirack offer Pallet Racking storage solutions for finished goods and components as well as panel products and flooring. The comprehensive range of Pallet Racking Systems we offer our customers means we provide the perfect solution for any manufacturer, retailer or distributor.

“The new racking has utilised the space very efficiently and has enabled us to improve the service to our stores. The service from Redirack was excellent, the installation went to plan, and should we require further racking in the future, I won’t hesitate to use them again.”  Tony Causer, Warehouse Distribution Manager, Floors 2 Go

How does Racking for the Furniture Industry work?

Redirack offer bespoke storage solutions and furniture racks for warehouses. Redirack’s Technical Engineers will visit your site assess your requirements and design the perfect warehouse racking solution for you.

Having a bespoke racking system means your racking will be manufactured to your exact specification making the storage process and the running of the warehouse a lot easier for staff. This will only serve to improve the efficiency of your business.

What are the benefits of Furniture Racks for Warehouses?

Accessibility and space optimisation are central to creating a systematic and well organised Warehouse. Investing in a new warehouse racking layout for your furniture business will:

  • Maximise space – our bespoke solutions allow us to tailor our racking to maximise space using pack heights and exact measurements of finished goods.
  • Accessibility – the design of the Pallet Racking is tailored to your individual stock holding requirements for both fast-moving and slow-moving products.

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