Pallet Racking

Adjustable pallet racking offers a variety of storage solutions for practically any type of palletised products you may wish to store. The racking systems designed by RediRack are totally flexible and can be designed to meet precise or bespoke criteria without sacrificing cost-effectiveness or safety.

RediRack Pallet Racking

Warehouse and Yard Pallet Racking

Increasing space in your warehouse or yard facility with pallet racking enables you to increase profit and productivity by maximising on the space you have available. By taking up minimal floor space and storing vertically in this format forklift trucks can be used to access the pallets holding the stock.

RediRack’s industrial pallet racking is made from high-quality steel materials and offers a sturdy and safe storage solution for many industries across the UK. Pallet Racking should always be fixed to the warehouse or yard floor when mechanically loaded. It is also strongly recommended that employees follow all necessary safety requirements to ensure the safe movement of the stock on the racking as well as ensuring racks are regularly checked for damage. RediRack offers Racking Inspections if required for all systems that were originally installed by ourselves.

Features and Benefits

pallet racking system warehouse

Pallet racking can be arranged in several different configurations, depending upon your storage, throughput and stock accessibility requirements. We also offer cantilever racking for storing long products. The full product range we offer at RediRack includes:

Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

Our heavy duty pallet racking systems are designed for strength and durability as well as ease of assembly. Our comprehensive range of frames and beams ensures that there is a solution for any storage challenge. 

We always try to meet the specific requirements of all of our customers, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you improve your site. RediRack’s pallet racking is manufactured in accordance with the SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) Code of Practice for the Design of Adjustable Pallet Racking and can also be offered as a design conforming to BS EN15512:2020.

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