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The Food Standards Agency describes the food industry as: ‘farming and food production, packaging and distribution, to retail and catering.’ We have worked for market leading companies in each of these sectors: Some of them are included in other parts of this site but here you will find a wide selection of our clients within this giant industry. 

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Some of the more specialist applications include cold stores within the distribution sector and food retailing warehouses built for throughput speed and flexibility during times of peak demand.

Redirack provide bespoke racking solutions tailored across the Food and Drink sector supply chain. Pallet Racking is supplied for the storage of raw materials, production, finished goods, packaging and retail.

Our Food Industry Racking is built to the highest industry standard; manufactured in accordance with the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Code of Practice for the Design of Adjustable Pallet Racking.

Storing goods in bulk is something that occurs regularly throughout the food and drink industry and our vast range of Pallet Racking Systems offers the perfect solution to all warehousing and distributor storage requirements.

“This installation had to be done to a tight schedule, and their installation team performed very well. In fact they always do, they have very good teams.”

 Alan Austerfield, Project Manager ASDA distribution centre

How does Food Warehouse & Cold Stores Racking work?

At Redirack, we provide a range of Pallet Racking for the Food and Drink industry. Different food types and stages of the supply chain require varied storage and racking methods to maximise space and store products efficiently. Racking helps to keep your storage areas tidy and your products accessible and maximise available space.

Ambient Storage

Ambient Storage refers to the storage product that have a longer shelf life and can be kept at room temperature. Conventional Adjustable Pallet Racking is often used within ambient warehouses.  This is the simplest form of racking which gives unrestricted accessibility of pallets in all locations.

Chilled and Cold Stores

Chilled and Cold Stores require dense storage options to maximise the capacity available. Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking, Drive-in Pallet Racking or Push-Back Racking can be used to create a high capacity storage solution which allows for effective stock control.

drive in racking

What are the benefits of Food & Beverage Industry Racking?

Stock control

Redirack provide a range of racking to provide capability to respond to a high turnover of stock and product rotation for goods that have a short shelf life and need to be handled quickly.

Maximise space

Racking is designed to maximise space within your warehouse, chilled or cold store. We have worked for market leading companies in a range of Food Industry sectors: below you will find a wide selection of our clients within the Food and Drink Industry. Some of the more specialist applications include drive-in racking in cold stores and whiskey cask racking.

Case Studies

Read our latest case studies below:

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