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boat and marine racking, Boat & Marine

It is well worth investing in a quality boat storage solution that protects your valuable boat from any of the storm or weather damage that traditionally occurs when moored. If your boat is not in use for long periods of time, having it stored securely out of the water is paramount for your own peace of mind, especially during the winter months.

Dry-Stack boat storage racking is an increasingly popular method, as it is much more cost-effective than traditional wet or ground storage. As well as offering secure storage, it conveniently offers a launch on-demand option and is suitable for motorboats as well as RIB’s and Jet-Skis.

We have carefully designed our boat storage solutions to ensure they are both robust and heavy-duty enough to withstand weathering and salt water environments. Manufactured in a top-quality Galvanised finish they are particularly suited to external applications.

In April 2015 Dale Sailing were looking to increase their storage capacity and Redirack were once again awarded the contract to design, manufacture and install a bespoke Racking Solution.

How does Boat Rack Storage work?

Redirack HD4000 Series Dry-Stack Boat Racking is a bespoke, very specialist system that can be specifically configured to meet the operational requirements of your facility. This marine storage racking can accommodate boats weighing up to 5,000kgs at heights of up to 10 metres, with the capacity to comfortably accommodate oversized propellers.


boat and marine racking, Boat & Marine

Why should you choose Redirack for Dry-Stack Boat Storage?

Low-cost storage

Dry-Stack Boat Storage Racks manufactured in the UK by Redirack offer a much more cost-effective solution to that of traditional storage.

Convenient and easy to access for maintenance

A great choice due to it being so easy for owners and marinas to access their boats whilst stored and undertake regular maintenance.

Reduced impact of weathering

Our leisure boat storage is the perfect storage option for many marinas. Customer service levels are generally improved as boats that are protected from the weather will inevitably see a reduction in the overall cost of wear and tear.

Case Studies

Read our latest case study below:

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