Fork Lift Truck Guide

This page gives a brief overview of the types of lift trucks available and their suitability for use. It does not form an exhaustive list, but gives an insight to the most commonly used equipment. 

Redirack optimising usage of fork trucks in warehouses
Forklift trucks easily used for drive in pallet racking
Large fork life truck commonly used for drive in pallet racking
Options for many forklift trucks with Redirack pallet racking

Pedestrian Controlled lift truck

Industrial counterbalance lift truck

Industrial reach truck

Side loader lift truck

The pedestrian controlled lift truck has a limited lift height, usually a maximum of 2m. They can be electronic or manual powered for use. The operator stands behind the machine and controls it by handle.

This truck is available in both 3 wheel and 4 wheel options and has a counterweight balance to help the fork arms. Loads can be raised or lowered vertically. The mast can be tilted by up to 15 degrees. (realistically only 5 degrees) This truck is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

This truck is named so because the mast moves forward and reaches out to pick up loads. During travelling the load is retracted back and carried within the wheelbase. This allows for flexible movement where space is restricted. This truck is only suitable to use on smooth, hard level surfaces and largely used in warehouses.

The truck operator is situated at the front and to one side of the truck. The load is carried on the deck when travelling. The load is picked up or set down sideways to the direction of travel. This type of truck is mainly used for long loads such as timber and piping. 

articulated forklift truck used by Redirack
Redirack extending fork lift truck
Material handling equipment reach truck - Redirack

Narrow aisle articulated

Very Narrow Aisle Guided (VNA)

4 Way Reach Truck

Narrow aisle forklifts are a type of reach truck that will operate in narrow unguided aisles, With the ability to operate in aisles as narrow as 1.6m, lift up to 13m and handle load capacities of up to 2000kgs.

Very Narrow aisle trucks are usually used in guided environments to increase warehouse efficiency. VNA trucks allow you access to both sides of the aisle in your high bay warehouse without having to turn the truck around.

A 4 way reach truck transports loads forwards, backwards and sideways. This truck is well suited for transporting long items (in addition to normal pallets and containers). 

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