Electronics Industry Storage Racks

Warehouse Storage for Electronics Racking

Electronics is a wide-ranging industry with long supply chains therefore, it is imperative that your warehousing structure works efficiently in these changing times. The constantly evolving market due to the after effects of the COVID-19 situation only emphasises the requirement for a well organised warehouse space and Redirack can help with this by installing a range of pallet racking solutions.

Generally, goods are manufactured in Asia – particularly China, which is the world’s largest producer of electronic goods. In the UK whether you have a manufacturing or distribution facility, Redirack has a proven acceptance within the electronics industry creating bespoke systems that suit the distribution and demand of each client. We have manufactured installations at the premises of some of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies within the industry such as Motorola and Argos (Alba)

“Redirack were very helpful, with advice on layouts and patience with any changes we wanted to make. They exceeded our expectations on delivery and installation and worked around the clock to get the system built and finished on time, despite having to work under difficult circumstances.” Peter Morse Decco Limited

How does Electronics Industry Warehousing Racking Work?

The electronics industry is constantly changing. With innovation happening everyday and new products being put on the market at least every six months, our clients have asked for easily accessible racks that can cater for any change in storage constraints.

We send our Technical Engineers to visit your warehouse and understand your specific needs. We consider relevant storage heights, aisle-widths and any specific temperature requirements as well as any accessibility issues ensuring our racks meet the demands of your business.

What are the benefits of purchasing bespoke Electronics Racking?

Investing in a bespoke racking system ensures easier accessibility to pallets whilst maximising any available space.

  • Maximise space – depending on what you sell, narrow-aisle pallet racking or wide-aisle racking may be generally more appropriate. Our full range of bespoke racking options however, means we are able to offer a totally flexible design without sacrificing on cost-effectiveness
  • Stock Control – our racking layout design can make the organisation of products easier ensuring ease of handling for product turn-around

We work closely with leading electronic companies to form bespoke racking that improves accessibility and efficiency. Get in contact today to organise a Technical Engineer visit.

Application Examples:

Redirack design bespoke Narrow and Wide Aisle Pallet Racking for Electronics Industry

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