Dalepak - now Cygnia Logistics

dalepak pallet racking
dalepak pallet racking

Dalepak are leading warehouse, distribution and packing specialists with several sites strategically located across the East Midlands, totalling more than 300,000 sq.ft of warehousing capacity. Having grown significantly as a company from their 1991 inception, they pride themselves on their commitment and investment in their staff. Employing a dedicated team which personifies professionalism, experience and knowledge in the logistics field.

When they acquired a number of new storage and packing contracts, the company needed to expand to larger premises and moved to a brand new, ecologically smart, 140,000 sq.ft warehouse. As part of the move, Redirack were asked to create a bespoke Pallet Racking system that would allow for the storage of more than 21,000 pallets, accommodating a daily churn of approximately 2,000 pallets.

“We wanted the best equipment possible for our new facility, so we chose Redirack and chose Redirack Racking for the storage of our extensive stock range.”

Gary White - Joint Managing Director

Bespoke Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

dalepak pallet racking
dalepak pallet racking

Redirack created a Narrow Aisle system comprising of thirty double runs of racking 2300mm wide to accommodate Dalepak’s fleet of Bendi trucks. Each aisle is 56m long and has an access tunnel running across the block to allow the trucks easier and quicker access to products. The Racking bays are 2,700mm wide and store two pallets at every beam level, in the bottom bay pallets are stored on the floor and are accessible for picking as necessary. As the building has varying eave heights up to 12.5m, Redirack manufactured and installed a variable height system to take advantage of all the storage space.

Ultimately, the finished Racking system gives them in excess of 21,000 pallet positions.

Their purpose built warehouse allows for the efficient storage and distribution of their products which has attracted additional household names such as Ford, Molton Brown and Whittards of Chelsea to take advantage of their top level service. The facility now operates three shifts a day, 7 days a week.

“If and when we do build our next facility, Redirack will install for us” said their Director when discussing expansion “Every time Redirack manage an installation for us they use high quality, British manufactured products and the project comes in on time and on Budget; I can’t ask for any more.”

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