RediRack Spares & Accessories

Our extensive range of RediRack spares and accessories can turn your pallet racking into a wonderfully versatile storage medium for a whole range of products.

RediRack Spares and Accessories diagram

Our Range of Spares & Accessories

  1. Heavy Duty Run Spacer
  2. Standard Duty Run Spacer
  3. Sprinkler Support
  4. Pallet Safety Bar with Saddle Bracket
  5. Drop Over Panel
  6. Drum Supports
  7. Fork Spacers
  8. Timber Decking
  9. Chipboard Decking
  10. Drum Cradle
  11. Post Pallet Channel
  12. Rack End Barrier – Square
  13. Column Protector
  14. Sacrificial Leg

Choose from drop over panels, coil cradles, safety bars, fork spacers and wooden decking and you will be able to store almost anything within a RediRack Pallet Racking system.


  • Melamine Facing Boards (not shown)
  • Product examples shown for diagrammatical purposes only

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