Which Pallet - Which Rack?

Pallet locations end elevation

So which pallet? Which rack? Width of frames, clearance between back to back loads, pallet overhang, height clearances. These are all key considerations in planning a rack. Fortunately, the SEMA code of practice provides an easy way of calculating the necessary dimensions. They’re tried and tested recommendations, and you should be surprised if your supplier suggests anything different. If they do, they haven’t got a convincing reason for doing so, use these tables to help you both work it out.

The diagrams below show you exactly where your measurements on your racking should be taken. This will help you optimise your racking for your storage space.

4 Way Entry Typical Dimensions

x = overall depth of pallet y = dimensions over outside of beams

z = clearance between back to back pallets or loads

X, Y, Z figures
Pallet ends diagram with height/width measurements
Pallet locations front elevation

Beam height is the dimension from floor to the top of the beam.

a – clearance between adjacent pallets or loads, and pallet/load and upright.

b – clearance between underside of beam and top of load or pallet where no automatic height selection is used.

Beam heights table pallet racking height

How much can be stored?

The illustrations on our Storage Layout page show layouts and capacities for various types of fork lift trucks. The table on the right hand side shows the theoretical and practical capacities of goods stored in each of these layouts. 

These are based on a building 60m long by 32m wide by 7m headroom (clear).

When considering the practical capacity of a store you must bear in mind the criteria for measuring the performance of a store. These are:

 1. Use of Volume, 

2. Ease of selection, 

3. Ease of handling, 

4. Preservation of the quality of goods (quality preservation)

To get an exact answer to how much can be stored, you will need to consider all the factors relating to a specific warehouse.

which pallet and which rack for your warehouse?

If you have any more technical queries, please take a look at our technical hub where we address frequently asked questions surrounding Pallet height, Which Pallet? Which Rack?, and much more. Alternatively if there is an issue we don’t cover, please contact us on 01543 279543 or email us at sales@redirack.co.uk

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