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Established in 1996, Countrywide Healthcare Supplies is now one of the largest suppliers to care homes in the UK. With over 5,000 different product lines, it stocks a vast range of medical and nursing care equipment including dressings, instruments, hydraulic beds and drug storage units.

“Redirack delivered flawlessly. As a customer we felt valued by the attention that we received throughout the development.”

John Spray - Managing Director

Wide Aisle Racking

Countrywide Redirack Racking
Redirack Countrywide Racking

Countrywide Healthcare Supplies has been chosen by a number of major care providers including the NHS, local authorities and national care home groups. In addition, it supplies over 3,000 independent care homes in the UK.

Autumn 2006 saw the company relocate to brand new premises in Park Springs, Barnsley. The 80,000 square foot facility was designed and built expressly for Countrywide Healthcare Supplies and is one of the largest warehouse in the UK dedicated to supplying care homes.

The new building has more than quadrupled the company’s storage capacity, and contains a Redirack wide aisle racking system. The racking block has one single and five double runs and a central gangway. Each run has twenty four 2.8 metre wide bays.

Rising to over seven metres in places, each bay has four beam levels, pallets being stored on the floor in the bottom locations. In total the racking system provides storage for over 4500 pallets which are stored three to a bay and 1200mm deep in the system. Protective barriers at the vulnerable ends of the aisles protect the racks from the inevitable knocks and the whole scheme is finished in a smart grey and yellow colour scheme.

John Spray, Managing Director of Countrywide Healthcare Supplies said “The advice, service, and installation have all been first rate. The product is of exceptional quality and the project was completed four days ahead of schedule. Redirack was highly professional and very efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other potential buyers.”

Design of the system was a joint effort, we advised John and his team on issues such as the location of pedestrian walkways and the size of loading bays. This level of service was certainly appreciated.

John Spray continues “Redirack delivered flawlessly. As a customer we felt valued by the attention that we received throughout the development.”

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