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Corgi (now owned by Hornby) is one of the best-known toy and collectables brands and is over 65 years old. It is well known for the production of die-cast collectables such as cars, buses and trucks and since the company launched in 1956, it has produced models of virtually every type of car, bus and truck for young and old enthusiasts.

When Corgi (UK) decided to outsource its distribution and turned to Rutland based CS Ellis (Group) Ltd., to provide warehousing and distribution services from a custom built facility in Whetstone, Leicester. The contract was sealed in December and twelve weeks later CS Ellis delivered a fully racked VNA warehouse that was to reduce Corgi’s operating costs by 30%!

Very Narrow Aisle Storage Racking

Unsurprisingly, the warehouse was racked with Redirack. Being a long thin building, approximately 90m by 16m, the rack runs along its length. There are two single and three double runs and they fully exploit the height of the building with the frames rising to over 14.5 metres. Two pallets are stored per bay, and there are 30 bays in each run. Having eight beam levels means the racking system provides storage for over 4300 pallets.

The rack is arranged in a very narrow aisle configuration, the aisle width is 1740mm rack face to rack face. Pallets are picked and put away by man-up order picker stacker trucks, made by Atlet. The trucks are wire guided within the aisles and they handle the pallets on their 1200mm face, meaning that they are stored 1000mm deep.

Totally paperless systems within the warehouse contribute to its efficiency and stock accuracy. Mobile computing solutions using radio frequency technology on the warehouse floor enable CS Ellis to deliver almost 100% accurate stock takes and order picking.

Recognising the magnitude of the performance by CS Ellis, the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) awarded the company its Warehouse Team of the Year award for the Corgi warehouse. Officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony the new facility has totally justified Corgi’s decision to outsource its warehousing to CS Ellis (Group) Ltd.

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