Decco Limited

There is a company in Newton Abbott that is the UK’s largest nationwide wholesaler of household goods. Decco Limited is a name known to few outside it’s industry, but this highly efficient company is responsible for keeping most garden centres and high street retailers stocked with products from market leaders such as Addis and Morphy Richards.

Redirack design and manufacture Wide Aisle Pallet Racks   Wholesaler Decco utilise Redirack Wide Aisle Pallet Racks

Peter Morse is the Branch Manager responsible for the company’s new Heathfield distribution centre. “What we have here is a warehouse that replaces two other warehouses that served similar geographical areas and were delivering to the same customers. It is forty feet high to the eaves and enables us to store over two thousand eight hundred pallets of stock”

Decco handle around thirteen and a half thousand stock lines. A full range of household goods, hardware and gardening products: buckets, brooms, peat and pottery. They hold goods from over four hundred suppliers and from Heathfield deliver to over one thousand customers. On a typical day one of their delivery vehicles will make fifteen journeys throughout the South West of England and Wales – the area serviced by the centre.
When it came to selecting a supplier for the storage system Decco chose Redirack. “We liked the Redirack product,” explains Peter. “Its welded construction and added rigidity appealed because here we are working at eight metres high. We also liked the sacrificial leg. Accidents will happen and repairing a damaged upright without having to remove the frame is important to us because we are always so busy.”

Wide Aisle Storage System

Decco specified a wide aisle storage system, with top beams at just over seven metres. Order picking is done from the bottom two levels, with beam levels varying to suit the type of product and to maximise the number of picking locations. A good proportion of the first level bays are wood decked to cater for the wide variety of products handled.

In total eleven double runs of racking with nine bays per run provide nearly three thousand pallet locations. Reach trucks are responsible for pallet movements within the warehouse. Orders are picked into special roll cages for consolidation and onward shipment.
Peter was very pleased with the way the installation went, “Redirack were very helpful, with advice on layouts and patience with any changes we wanted to make. They exceeded our expectations on delivery and installation and worked around the clock to get the system built and finished on time, despite having to work under difficult circumstances.” Hard work but a great result!

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