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Looking for Pallet Rack installers near me? As one of the top manufacturers of storage racks in the UK Redirack offer a nationwide service. Almost every form of palletised product you might want to store can be stored using one of our wide range of pallet racking solutions, which gives a number of storage options to all businesses. Our systems are completely adjustable and may be created to satisfy specific or customised requirements without compromising cost effectiveness.


Our heavy duty pallet racking systems are built to be strong, long-lasting, and simple to assemble. There is a solution for every storage issue thanks to our wide selection of frames and beams.

You might wish to renovate or expand an existing storage area, or you might want to outfit a brand-new storage unit. We are able to meet all of your storage needs. Our product range of Pallet racking consists of:

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Installing Racking Near You

Redirack is based in Staffordshire (Cannock) meaning we are at the heart of the country with access to motorways to help businesses up and down the country. So don’t be in doubt if your searching for pallet rack manufacturers and installers near me, as we will come to you.

How can Pallet Racking Help your business?

Increased storage capacity: Pallet racking allows you to stack pallets multiple levels high, maximizing the use of vertical space in your warehouse.

Improved organisation: Pallet racking allows you to store items by size, weight, or SKU, making it easy to find and retrieve items when needed.

Enhanced safety: Pallet racking systems are designed to safely support the weight of the stored items, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries caused by unstable stacks of pallets.

Increased efficiency: Pallet racking allows for easy access to stored items, which can help speed up the process of loading and unloading goods, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Cost-effective: Pallet racking can be a cost-effective solution for warehouses and distribution centres, as it provides a high-density storage option that can save on floor space and building costs.

Customisable: Pallet racking systems can be customised to meet the specific needs of your warehouse or distribution centre, making it an ideal option for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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The UK production of pallet racking from Redirack, a company situated in Staffordshire, began in 1973. After being acquired by Stakapal Ltd in 2014, our UK production facility, formerly based in Kilnhurst, South Yorkshire, moved to Norton Canes, Cannock, Staffordshire. A variety of contemporary manufacturing tools, such as roll forming lines, press braking cells, robotic welders, and a fully automated powder coating system, are housed at Redirack’s purpose-built plant.

With a range of standard items held at an additional warehouse facility in Burntwood, we offer a fast turnaround on many stock items. Our bespoke solutions dictate longer lead times due to the manufacturing process and our engineers will discuss your options when visiting your site.

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