Pallet Racking Technical Hub

Here you will find answers to many technical questions regarding the racking systems we provide.

Redirack, established in 1973, is one of the leading brands for all pallet racking systems offering a unique service across the whole of the UK. Being full members of SEMA, we provide exceptional products and service to all our customers.

Our UK factory and in-house design and projects team offer a bespoke start-to-finish service tailored to you. Our in house team cover the entirety of the project, from the initial site survey to final installation and everything in between. We create and install any size project from one run of a pallet to high bay warehouses, whatever you require we will install!

However, we do know that before purchase or installation there may be many questions you wish to have answered?

What size and how high should my pallet racking be?, What Pallets should I use? All these questions are answered here. 

How High?

Find out how high your pallet racking
should be and how it can effect your storage space.

Pallet Identifier

Browse through different pallet styles to see which ones could benefit your storage space.

Pallet Racking Layouts

Take a look
at how you can adapt
your space.

Which Pallet? Which Rack?

If you're confused about clearances, back to back hang and pallet overhang click below for our standard measurements.

Pallet Storage Layouts

If you're unsure about how to configure your warehouse or storage space. Take a look at our layout ideas here.

The Technical Racking Experts

Take a look at the above articles to see if we can answer your questions. Alternately, please feel free to call us on 01543 279543 or email Redirack at

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