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wide aisle pallet racking
wide aisle pallet racking

ASDA has invested heavily in its infrastructure over the last two years, and as a result three new distribution centres have been built. One is at Washington, one at Chepstow, and a fully automated clothing warehouse has been constructed at Brackmills all feature storage systems supplied by Redirack.

The last of the three sites to be developed was Chepstow. This is a new ambient warehouse of just over 300,000 sq.ft and replaces a much smaller unit on an adjacent site. Being both bigger and a high bay, the new warehouse offers considerably more storage capacity and is designed to handle over one million cases of products per week. It services ASDA stores in Wales and the South West, across the South of England and up into the Midlands.

“We have used Redirack extensively for many years. We have found it to be a good, safe and reliable product.”

Alan Austerfield - Project Manager

Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

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Redirack was used for the industrial racking storage system, Alan Austerfield was the project manager “We have used Redirack extensively for many years.” he explains. “We have found it to be a good, safe and reliable product.”
ASDA use cheap pallets in their distribution system, so the pallet racking is laid out in a very similar way to the storage system at Washington. Configured around wide aisles the racking utilises a 2650mm clear entry beam and ASDA store two pallets across each bay. The 1200mm x 1000mm pallets are arranged 1000mm deep. Loads can be up to 1600mm high and weigh up to 1250kgs.

The racking block comprises 79 double runs and three single runs, these providing over 25,000 pallet positions. The racking rises to nearly 12 metres at its highest point, enough space for five beam levels, the highest being at 9.2 metres. Pallets are stored on the floor in the bottom locations, and orders are picked from the pallets at the lowest level only.

Chepstow adds much needed capacity to the ASDA distribution system. With the company firmly set on its course to become Britain’s best value brand, growth in market share and sales will ensure that it is well utilised.

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