Changing a Sacrificial Leg

Changing a Sacrificial Leg 2Damage to pallet racking is an inevitable consequence of having fork lift trucks working in confined spaces. We offer a unique accessory for our racking, specifically designed to minimise the disruption and costs associated with rack maintenance. Called a ‘Sacrificial Leg’, it enables damaged pallet racking frames to be repaired quickly and easily.


In 90% of cases damage to racking frames is restricted to the first 1000mm of the front upright. The Sacrificial Leg is an optional removable section in the front upright. This enables a damaged frame to be repaired in a fraction of the time required to replace a complete frame. It also contributes to safety as the ease of repair encourages operators to remedy damage as it occurs.

A Sacrificial Leg can be changed in as little as twenty minutes. To ensure that the work is carried out effectively and safely, it is important that the correct equipment is used. For this purpose we have developed a frame support jack with special head assemblies to suit our different frame styles. A different head assembly is used when working with our standard as opposed to heavy duty upright because of the different upright widths.

The head assembly locks onto the front face of the upright just above the sacrificial leg. It locks into position in a similar way to a beam end bracket, six pegs lock into the upright’s face and enable the head assembly it to take the load imposed while the sacrificial leg is being replaced.
Within the head assembly a simple screw jack arrangement enables the fitter to raise the frame the 2 or 3mm necessary to enable the sacrificial leg to be eased out of its position. It should be noted that the safe working load of the jack is 1000kgs so it is imperative that both bays either side of the effected upright are unloaded prior to positioning the jack.

When replacing a damaged Sacrificial Leg the removal and replacement installation method, as specified by our Service department, should always be followed.

The correct method is:
1. Ensure both bays, either side of the damaged Sacrificial Leg, have been unloaded completely and are clear of pallets.
2. Use the special Sacrificial Leg frame support jack to support the structure above the damaged leg.
3. Remove nuts from the floor fixings.
4. Use the jack to lift the structure above the leg by two to three millimetres.
5. Remove the four button head bolts from the leg splice channel.
6. Lift out the redundant sacrificial leg and replace with the new one.
7. Refit button head bolts and tighten.
8. Lower the jack.
9. Refit the nuts on the floor fixings. If necessary, two new floor fixings (Rawlock 69-522) should be fitted through the additional holes in the base plate.

Many of our customers, recognizing the benefit of the quick repair, have invested in the Sacrificial Leg frame support jack. The correct equipment is, therefore, always available to our engineers when they are called to replace damaged legs. Alternatively, following appropriate training, their own staff can do the job. This ensures that the repair is effected in the quickest possible time and with the least possible cost.

If you would like to learn more about the Sacrificial Leg, its replacement or the special jack, please contact our Sales department.

Changing a Sacrificial Leg