The Building Trade

Redirack have supplied the Builders Merchant Trade with a variety of storage solutions over the years. We offer Pallet Racking in a top quality Powder Coated finish for internal warehousing environments or in a Galvanised format for external yard areas.

Pallet Racking ensures flexibility as well as durability when storing a variety of palletised goods and traditional building materials. The bespoke structure of our racking means we can cater to any storage environment and all building materials.

Our Builders Merchants Racking is built to the highest industry standard; manufactured in accordance with the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) Code of Practice for the Design of Adjustable Pallet Racking.

To truly run an efficient builders’ merchants, the well-structured storage of materials in bulk is vital. To be able to access any material easily and have an organised system is imperative. Our range of racking systems also includes Cantilever Racking for storage of long products both internally or in yard areas ensuring that we can offer a complete storage solution for your site.

 “Moving to a centralised storage facility impacts on our business in many different ways. We have significantly increased the amount of sales floor space within our branches. Our customers have a wider range of products to choose from. Suppliers like the new set up as they can ship to one central point, which also gives us better buying power – so everybody benefits.” Graeme Vick, Jacksons Building Centres – now part of Buildbase

How does Builders Merchants Racking work?

At Redirack, we provide bespoke Pallet Racking solutions that ensure easy access to your goods. Different merchants will obviously require a mix of specifications for their racking, however we will discuss your needs and design a solution that fully optimises your site.

Investing in a bespoke racking system ensures your racking will be built to your exact specification making the storage process and the running of your business much easier for staff. Equally, racking exposed to the elements requires a more durable galvanised finish whereas internal racks are generally powder coated or a mix of both. Our Technical Engineers will visit your site and discuss your exact requirements with you.

What are the benefits of Racking for Builders Merchants?

Accessibility and space optimisation are vital to the running of an efficient builders merchants operation. Racking is therefore a necessity to ensure full optimisation and operating efficiency in your company.

  • Stock Accessibility – due to the organisation of racks, you can cater for a faster turn around of stock and access the stock easily only serving to improve effectiveness
  • Space Saving – we can structure your storage area so to minimise wasted space, this means more produce can be stored for the same price

We have a wealth of experience in providing racking for builders merchants. In the past we have provided both narrow aisle racking and wide aisle racking for clients from the industry.

Application Examples:

Redirack Wide Aisle Pallet Racking for Builders Merchants trade warehouse

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